UPC-Adapt will produce:

(1) a report on prevention (training) system analysis;

(2) adapted and tested evidence-based curriculum open source available to prevention professionals in 9 languages, and a protocol for further translation and adaptation;

(3) innovative methodologies to deliver the UPC in an online, short or extensive module of standardized training;

(4) an inventory of academic and professional courses for prevention professionals in 9 partner countries that are modular adaptations of the UPC and are integrated into existing prevention systems, and manuals for the training modules;

(5) additional insights about how prevention (training) systems can be described and analysed (e.g. an analysis of facilitating factors and key determinants of prevention systems for the adoption of evidence-based innovations);

(6) UPC-Adapt as a conceptually open platform on which other developments can be built and where existing initiatives can find their place; and

(7) a sustainable online tool for the e-learning module accessible at the EUSPR website (http://euspr.org).

UPC-Adapt will also publish biannual e-newsletters, technical reports on progress of project and brief information on findings.

The project will utilize the popularity of EUSPR annual conferences in 2017 and 2018 to increase the visibility of the project and present all relevant products and results to the prevention professionals from all over the world, including early career preventionists as future workforce.

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